Thursday, April 7, 2011

it's been awhile...

"it's been awhile"
originally posted 8.19.10

sooooo, may huh? yeah...well, a suprising lot has happened since then...numero uno, i got a job. and well, wedding related, a lot has too. we have visited venues, met wtih photographer, dj, went to a "bridal craptacular," become slightly addicted to "" and "" (okay, well maybe just *I* have), and, gulp, maybe even gotten a dress. okay, well, i HAVE gotten a dress, whether i wear it or not remains to be seen. a $3000 dress for $300, yes please! i figured i couldn't go wrong. it's funny, how "easily" things have fallen into place. after lots of internet research and browsing, i set up a couple interviews with photographer (mellissa lin ellis) and dj (all ears mobile dj), both recommeded by the weddinghive, a local kc site. i guess that kinda "pre-screens" and is "self selecting" but they both seemed very talented and very much had the same "vibe" we are going for for the big day...silly to be "one and done?" or...wonderful? i honestly feel 100% confident and don't think i'm being naive. they fit into our budget and seem awesome, so real excited about that. saw lots of cool venues locally. and again, beginners luck, cuz we're going with the first place we saw...boulevard brewery! they have a very contemporary, elegant space with an amazing terrace and view of the downtown skyline, not to mention all the boulevard beer you want to drink, the cutest grooms cake ever, and personalize pint glasses for all our guests! we also checked out some other beautiful venues for our due diligence, Berg Event Space, Studio Dan Meiners event space, leVel, and all of them were wonderful--the people and the spaces. in KC, if you want an "urban" or "loft" experience, there is no shortage of event spaces and the vendors we met with were all very down to earth, not salesy, and great to work with (and kurt, at leVel, had the cutest dog on the planet. i am not joking). it made me want to throw lots of fabulous parties, just so i could use these spaces, and there are actually TONS of other options out there too that I looked at on the internet. god bless the interwebs! the only thing we're still looking for, in terms of major pieces of the puzzle, is a ceremony site. i have my eyes on the arts incubator, in the cross roads, but price wise, it may be prohibitive. if we were doing both ceremony and reception there, no biggie, but just for a ceremony, it's kinda out of our price range. that is definitely something i have struggled with a lot during this process. vision and reality. bleh. we are still looking for a ceremony site. our church is way down south, so we'd prefer something a little closer. Boulevard is located in a largely Hispanic area of town, which of course means, a lot of the churches there are Catholic. We're open to a non-church area, so just need to do some more digging to find the perfect spot. Grand Avenue Temple is in contention, but unfortunately has no AC which could be a problem in KC in September (we attended a service there this summer when it was 100 degrees and barely lived to tell the tale...obvioulsy it won't be 100...well, you never can like i said, we're still trying to figure that out). oh and i forgot to say, we have a date 9/17/11!!!!!! i will try to write a few more posts going into detail on a couple of the "details"...including, our CAKE, and the suprising hidden talent of my fiance!

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