Thursday, April 7, 2011

thanks for the title miss b

"he put a ring on it"
originally posted 3.9.10

every time one of my friends has gotten engaged, the second thing out of my mouth, after "oh my goodness, i am so happy for you all" is usually "how did he do it?" here's how HE did it...

it was a typical Tuesday and he'd told me he was leaving work, so I was getting dinner ready so we could eat when he got home. I had everything set, but he wasn't home yet. I waited a bit longer and then gave him a call. He didn't answer, but then called me back and told me he'd had to stop to talk to his mom and get gas, but was on his way. We had our dinner and then settled in to our normal evening routine, watching a couple episodes of FRIENDS reruns, cuddling on the couch. the first episode is always older (from my college years) and the second episode is newer (i believe from the final season). i tell you the next detail with 20/20 hindsight: the second episode was about when pheobe and mike were dating and pheobe found out that mike wasn't interested in getting married, and she was struggling with this as non-conventional as she was, she wanted to get married, have the picket fence and 2.5 kids. She was talking to Ross, 3 time divorcee, to try to get some "reassuring" words about why marriage is overrated. However, Ross can only wax on about how wonderful marriage and committment is. Shortly after that, Jeremy went upstairs. I asked him where he was going, and he just said, he'd be right back. None the wiser, I just blissfully watched the rerun. What a great show. Little did I know that my life was about to change. forever.

It was very simple. He just told me how much he loved me and took the box out of his pocket, which was wrapped in silver paper with a bow, and I opened the most gorgeous sparkly ring. I think I hyperventilated a little. I just kept saying his (pet) name over and over in a shaky voice. I teared up. luckiest gal in the land, sitting on the couch in sweats, ring on her finger, best guy beside her. what could be better. needless to say, we didn't see the end of that episode of FRIENDS. but I'm sure we can catch the rerun again sometime :)

Apparently, he had gone at lunch to pick out the ring with his step-dad and they called him as it was ready by the end of the workday, so he stopped on the way home to pick it up (hence the late arrival, although he claims he really DID stop to get gas). He had planned to do something a little fancier for the proposal, but just could not wait to ask me, so he just did that evening, which I think is probably THE.MOST.ROMANTIC.THING.I.HAVE.EVER.HEARD. He lasted an hour :)

so that's our "story" and i'm stickin to it (and him!!!)

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