Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Keep Calm and Carry On, or something like that

First off, shout out to my IT department for losing my post. Granted, shouldn’t have been writing a blog at work and this is surely the productivity god’s way of teaching me a lesson (clearly, since I am re-writing this at work, point was so totally taken!)

Second off, besides kansas, there is nothing I hate more than re-writing stuff. No matter how hard you try, you can never re-create or re-capture those perfect words you had previously written.  No matter how many times that I tell myself to “Ctrl-S” each time I breathe, I still have lost papers, emails, etc and multiple professors, colleagues, friends, frenemies, etc have been on the receiving end of my “sloppy second” attempts. So apologies in advance that this isn’t going to be as awesome as it first was ;)

With under 5 months to go till the big day, I began to write a little check in on what wedding related things have been chosen and which things remain (heavy emphasis on “which things remain”). To recap

Donecakes:  The Dress (kinda), The Suit, The Ceremony Site, The Reception Site, The Wedding Party, The Minister, The Photographer, The DJ, the Cake (don’t worry, yall won’t be eating 5 month old cake, we just have a plan), the Groomscake, the Shoes, the Rings, the Guest List (mostly), the favors, the beverages (when you have your reception in a brewery, this kinda goes without saying, but in the interest of making myself feel more accomplished, it’s on my “crossed off” list).

And in the interest of time, the “big items” still on the-5-page-single-spaced-to-do-list: bridesmaid dresses, suits, caterer, flowers, hotel for guests, the veil, the save the date, the invites, the website, the décor, deciding on music (for ceremony and like “first dance” songs etc), marriage license, ordering a crap-ton of stuff off etsy, honeymoon…

So I feel like we do have most of the MOST major stuff covered, and that while a lot of kinda-a-big-deal stuff is still out there/hanging over my head, I think we can get it all done. It’s all those other teeny, but still important things on the 5-page-single-spaced-to-do-list that freak me out a little, but I am sure with some organization, discipline, lots of elbow grease, plenty of talented friends and family members, it will all get done.
I am trying my hardest, despite my natural tendencies toward that lovely two headed monster of perfectionism/anxiety, to not let all this “little stuff” affect my enjoyment of the wedding planning, or more importantly, the wedding day. Gotta keep reminding myself to not freak out and to be zen. Whatever that means J

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